Zinc Roofing

If you are considering zinc roofing because of its durability, longevity of life, near zero maintenance and ability to create style and character for your home, we have the experience and capability to help you make that statement, creating smooth curves, precise lines and crisp corners.   We have over 40 years experience in creating stunning home extensions, new build designs, dormers and statement walls using a range of colours and a myriad of designs, some of which you can see in our range of projects in the  Zinc Roofing Portfolio below.   Our Zinc Roofing Technical Information  section also explains further the capability and versatile of this long-lasting material and if you are considering the cost implications involved in zinc roofing you can also read our post: How much will my Zinc Roof cost

Zinc Roofing Portfolio

Zinc Roof on Kitchen Extension

Zinc Roofing on large kitchen extension

Here we created Zinc Roofing for a large kitchen extension.  The client sent us the original architects drawings and we could immediately see that it had been designed with an elaborately hipped flat roof and a parapet box gutter on all four sides. In this particular case the roof would

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Zinc Roofing on Barn Conversion

Zinc Roofing Extension on Converted Barn

On this Zinc Roofing project the client contacted us to provide a standing seam zinc roof on a warm roof construction, which was accessible via the bedroom area on the first floor and extended the living area on the ground floor. The Zinc Roofing here comprises of long bays and

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Zinc Roofing on School Extension

Zinc Roofing on School Extension

The Zinc Roofing shown here was to create an extension on a school.  This was a warm roof construction and thus we used VM Zinc Plus in a Quartz colour.  This zinc roofing project also incorporated a velux window, zinc box gutter, zinc fascias, soffits and boiler pipe penetration. An

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Zinc Roof on Penthouse Flat

Zinc Roofing on Penthouse Flat

Zinc Roofing for the Penthouse flat was created on a warm roof construction.  The penthouse had been added to and existing block of flats whist the whole block was being refurbished. We also created the zinc box gutters with pipe penetrations and worked with the builders to ensure that the

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Zinc Dormers in Anthra Grey

Zinc Dormers constructed on a slated roof

We were contacted by a client to create five dormers in Anthra Grey Zinc to the roof of a new build development of flats. The zinc dormers were created with a slightly barrel (arching effect) to the tops as per the architects design, with the cheeks (sides) in a single

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Zinc Roofing Extension

Zinc Roof Extension on Converted Pub

Zinc Roofing with skylights on this three storey pub, converted by our client into residential units, was to provide additional living space in the ground floor flat whilst not obstructing the view from the first floor windows. This was a cold vented roof and we constructed the zinc roof in

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Zinc Roofing Extension to Old Priory

Zinc Roofing on an Old Priory Building

On this Zinc Roofing project, the original roof proposed by the architect had run into some issues and as a result they asked us to provide a solution, a zinc roof that would work with the cladding and incorporate the three skylights.  Working closely with the client we created this

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Zinc Roofing on Hospital Plant Room

Zinc Roofing for Hospital Plant Room

We were contacted by the builders and architects working on behalf of the hospital to create a zinc roof on this plant room, which would be visible to the surrounding properties and therefore needed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, whilst still fulfilling its design criteria of open venting

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Zinc Roofing Extension with skylights

Zinc Roofing on a Rear Extension
with Skylights

We were contacted by the client of this project who was having an extension for a kitchen/diner built to envelop the rear of their house.  They advised they now wished to have a zinc roof installed on a warm roof construction, which could incorporate two skylights. In most cases where

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Zinc Roofing Technical Information

Lindab Greencoat PLX Roofing on Rear Extension

Zinc Roofing – Technical Information

Zinc Roofing is long lasting, being naturally resistant to corrosion, it protects itself by developing a patina that gives it an exceptionally long lifespan. With an average corrosion rate of 1mm/year, even very thin (0.7 mm) rolled zinc can achieve 50 to 100 years life depending on the environment.  In addition

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