Zinc Roof Extension on Converted Pub

Zinc Roofing Extension

Zinc Roofing with skylights on this three storey pub, converted by our client into residential units, was to provide additional living space in the ground floor flat whilst not obstructing the view from the first floor windows.

This was a cold vented roof and we constructed the zinc roof in using the standing seam method, which is fully vented from the front to the rear.  We also constructed the zinc guttering and down pipes.

Incorporated into the roof were four skylights and a vent pipe, all of which needed to be worked within the design.  The design also has fully a venting flashing against the wall of the building.

Zinc Roofing Extension
Zinc Roofing Extension

Because we were asked to, we followed the VMZinc installation guidelines to soldered the corners and back gutters on each of the skylights.  But we would normally use a more technical method, which would be fully welted and create a more flush design without the need for solder, achieving the same result with a more aesthetically pleasing finish.  Both methods are correct, but VMZinc is a French company who promote the more easily created solder method, widely used in France.  To see an example of our double lock cross welt alternative to solder, please go to our Zinc Roof School Extension project where there is an overhead picture displaying it perfectly.  For a photo showing the soldered corners please refer to our Zinc Roofing Technical information section https://zincroofinguk.com/how-much-will-my-zinc-roof-cost/


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