VMZinc Anthra-Zinc Roof Extension with Velux Windows

Zinc Roofing Extension in VMZinc Anthra

The builder of this project contacted us to create a zinc roof for an extension for their clients kitchen/dinner and extended living room.  The architect specified Anthra Grey coloured zinc to a warm roof which was also to incorporate 4 Velux Windows.

Three of the four windows incorporated into the zinc roof design were close together and thus the roof needed to be designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and to ensure that the bays, despite the lack of space, were technically well formed.

There were two different widths within the design which required pre-planning to ensure the look of the roof wasn’t compromised.

The zinc roof also had a zinc parapet box gutter with a zinc parapet capping and an angle at the far end of the roof which needed to be installed correctly to ensure the water fell directly towards the gutter.

The clients were pleased that from above and below the sharp evenly spaced lines of the roof looked good and we had managed to incorporate their windows exactly where they wished them to be.  Odd angles,lengths and widths had been incorporated into our design so as to smooth them into an overall please facade.



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