Stainless Steel Roofing

For strength and durability Terne Coated Stainless Steel Roofing, also known as TCS Roofing, is the perfect solution and we have been stalling stainless steel roofing for over 40 years.  Its durability makes it perfect for harsh or marine conditions, as it doesn’t thin over time and is exceptionally robust.     It can be given a bright or matte finish – the latter giving a lead like appearance, making it perfect as a lead substitute in either modern or heritage projects.  Stainless Steel Roofing is a super eco-friendly material, being 100% recyclable with a potential life of over 100 years when installed by a professional.  Below are a few of our projects in our Stainless Steel Roofing Portfolio and you can find out more information on this robust material in our Stainless Steel Technical Information Section

Stainless Steel Roofing Portfolio

Two Stainless Steel Dormers

Stainless Steel Roofing – Dormers

The owners of this residential house wished to create an annex in the roof.  We worked with them to discuss the style they required and the type of metals they would like used. The choice of stainless steel was eventually made because of its capacity to patina to a lead

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Stainless Steel Cupola in Heritage Design for Castle

Stainless Steel Cupola
on Saffron Walden Castle

We were contacted by the specialist restoration and heritage builders commissioned to restore the keep of this Norman castle, to provide a Terne Coated Stainless Steel Cupola to cover the keep.  The castle was constructed between 1141 and 1143, but suffered at the hands of Henry II who ordered the

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Stainless Steel Technical Information

Stainless Steel Roofing in Heritage Batten Style

Stainless Steel Roofing,
Technical Information

Terne coated stainless steel roofing has been preferred by architects for its ability to mimic the colour of aged lead sheets, it’s commonly specified on heritage buildings and churches and is often used to replace lead on ecclesiastical work or buildings which have previously suffered from lead theft. It is

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