Stainless Steel Roofing
on lobby area of block of flats

Stainless Steel Roofing on Lobby Entrance

The Stainless Steel Roof on this project was created to cover a new entrance lobby to a block flats.  The architect had design the roof and suggested stainless steel roofing because of its longevity of live, low maintenance requirements and robust nature.

Stainless Steel Roofing is practically indestructible, has a very low scrap value and for this reason it deters theft.  However, the overall look of stainless steel is very pleasing once it has weathered in, giving it a lead like patina (colour) and therefore enhancing the overall look of any building.  This design is in a standing seam style with batten roll hips.

Another advantage of stainless steel roofing is that it is very light compared to other roofing materials and thus savings are made not only on longevity of life and low maintenance, but also in terms of the building and roof structure required beneath it.

Stainless Steel Roofing