Stainless Steel Roofing
in the Heritage Batten Style

Stainless Steel Roof on Farmhouse

We were contacted by the owners of this Grade II listed thatched property.  They had gained planning permission for an extension and the Local Authority had stipulated within that permission a metal roof had to be applied.  The planning permission also stipulated the roof had to be created in a traditional batten roll method.  This metal roofing method has been in existence for hundreds of years and the same style can been seen on the heritage work we carried on the copper cupola at Kew Gardens created in the 1800s.  http://copper-cupola-at-royal-botanical-gardens-kew .

Stainless Steel Roof Extension on Cottage

The advantage of applying this traditional method of metal roofing is that it creates a transition from the old heritage style of the property to the new modern extension.  Below you can see the flat roof bays, flowing into a concealed box gutter (not visible from ground level) with fascias and parapet capping.

Zinc Roof Extension on thatched cottage

The owners of the property decided upon Stainless Steel Roofing as it would weather down to a lead like patina, but would weigh far less than lead on the extension build up and roof structure.

Stainless Steel Roofing

The owners, the builders and the Local Authority were all extremely please with the overall results of the stainless steel roof.   Another positive about stainless steel roofing is that it can last several lifetimes and shall require little to no maintenance during that time.

Stainless Steel Roofing with Skylight

Thus it is cost effective not only in terms of lifetime but also in terms of the maintenance required.

Stainless Steel Roof with Skylight

The builders working on site created the structure with a warm roof build up and installed the lantern in the centre of the roof.