Lindab Greencoat PLX Dormers
on New Build Development

Lindab Greencoat PLX Dormers on New Build

On this project we installed Lindab PLX/Greencoat PLX Dormers in dark grey.  We designed these using standing seam and single lock welt fascias and jams.  During the development of the site we worked closely with the other trades to ensure that the build up of materials under the Lindab PLX/Greencoat PLX adhered to the metal roofing codes of practice and were thus suitable.

These are a hybrid of a normal dormer and an inverted dormer, which we needed to developed to overcome the tricky design of the windows created by the architect within the build design.

Greencoat PLX Dormers installed by Zinc Roofing UK

Lindab PLX and Greencoat PLX were developed specifically as a roofing material by a Swedish Company aimed at the harsh weather conditions in Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.  It’s a hard wearing material that comes in a vast range of colours.

Greencoat PLX Installation by Zinc Roofing UK

The labour cost of Lindab PLX / Greencoat PLX is the same as any other metal roofing and yet, in some cases, there can be cost savings to be made as the material is very keenly priced within the metal roofing industry.