Lead Roof on Small Rear Extension for Residential House

Lead Roofing work on small kitchen extension

This vented and slightly pitched cold Lead Roof Extension was created in code 5 milled lead using the traditional lead roofing method.

Lead Roofing at Zinc Roofing UK

The roof was created to extend a kitchen within a mews terrace and thus the exterior working space was tight.

The architect, who did not wish for guttering on this roof, created this gutterless design without considering the drip problem above the door.  Therefore, in consultation with the owners, I designed and formed a small lead catch tray to divert the water away from people exiting the doorway.

Lead Roofing at Zinc Roofing UK

The top flashing you can see in the photo above is housing a Nicholson Airtrak linear ventilator System.

This style of lead roofing was in keeping with the small mews terrace and shall have an exceptionally long life expectancy.

Lead Roofing at Zinc Roofing UK