How much will my Zinc Roof Cost and what are the advantages of a Zinc Roof?

Zinc Roofing on Extension with 4 skylights

One of the first things we would ask you to do is first look at the cost comparisons from a design and longevity of life point of view.  The cost of zinc roofing may be far over the costs of other Zinc Roofs, but during your lifetime it is unlikely to need any further works and require limited maintenance.  Over the years we have found that some designers often get caught up in unnecessary detailed design within the roofing structure, which is nothing to do with the function or aesthetic look for the build, it can sometimes be inappropriate for the roofing design and piles additional costs onto the project.

We can, if you ask us to, find these points within the design and suggest to you style/design alternatives which would better suit the type of roof and the overall design creating a more aesthetically pleasing look, often at a far lower costThis is because we have over 40 years experience in metal roofing structures of all styles, designs and technical details.

Zinc Roofing has the capability to accommodate changes in roof heights and entwines itself around a building, where others may fail to achieve or cost more to achieve.  But these changes in roof heights and the details required need to be factored into the cost of the roof, a craftsman shall ensure that the fall of the roof in all direction is correct and you can see this if you visit our Zinc Roofing Projects page, where many different examples show where the falls of the roof have needed to be seamed and crafted into numerous directions.  For this reason even a general quote would need someone to look sensibly for some time at the project, probably be in contact with you more than once and we would therefore ask you to be cautious of any ‘off the cuff’ quotes which are given simply on amount of zinc required, as they are unlikely to be correct and may be exceptionally flawed.

We offer free quotes and advice.  If you have drawings of the structure you wish to create then please send them to us via email or phone or by using the form on our contact page.  If you don’t have drawings then please take a photo of the area and state the type of design required, i.e. with windows, skylights, lighting etc. and we can contact you back to discuss it.

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