Copper Roofing on
Small Residential Extension

Copper Roofing Extension

We were contact to supply Copper Roofing to this Victorian Style building located in Hampstead, as the architects wished to create a roof extension to extend the kitchen.  They requested copper roofing to fit in with the design and age of the overall building and we therefore advised the copper roofing could be built in the traditional method of heritage style standing seam system, with the fronts (ends of seems) welted in the traditional style.

As is normal the builder who created the extension also created the roof build up and we worked with them to ensure the correct falls and depth of steps were in place to conform to the metal roofing codes of practice.

The owners decided upon natural bright copper, which will gain its patina over time turning to the green/blue colour normally associated with aged copper.  Pre-patinated copper is a little more expensive than natural bright copper, so in this case it made sense economically to create it in the bright copper.

Copper Roofing on Home Extension
Copper Roofing on Home Extension

How long copper roofing takes to gain that patina will depend on the weather conditions, where the roof is, pollutants etc., but you can normally expect the roof to lose the bright sheen with days and gradually get darker to a brown colour until it begins to get a green haze within approximately 5 years and eventually turn to its iconic green/blue.